Belfast Celtic 1891 - 1949

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  "Scotty" Walker team and medals Society donation to the Hospice Tully and Vernon, Belfast and Glasgow 1952, Celtic Park. Glenavon reception for Celtic legends, 2010.  
  Lish Scott's refurbished grave unveiled by his son Billy, 2009. Enda Fanning presents Kitty Campbell with a portrait of the 1949 Celtic side The Grand Old Team 1917/18 Sorting the history of the team  
  Hugh Kelly in action Jimmy Jones at the Belfast mural Celtic team 1912 Kevin McAlinden at the Triboro with fan  
  Unveiling of Charlie Tully plaque, 2008 Denver and Bonner on the Mauretania, 1949 Society Donation to Women's Aid The 1949 team at the Triboro Stadium, New York