Belfast Celtic 1891 - 1949


The Final Tour 


Eve of departure

In May 1949 Belfast Celtic set out on what was to be a historic tour of the United States and Canada, thus being the first Irish club ever to cross the Atlantic.

During the 10 match tour the Celtic team confounded international football by beating the Scotland "wonder team" 2-0 in front of 15, 000 spectators at the American Triboro Stadium.  

Click here for more an article and pictures of the Scotland match 

The team travelled on the RMS Mauretania. The trip was photo documented by Éanna Fanning.  You can read more here


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On board RMS Mauretania in NY, May 3rd 1949


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The travelling team

at Triboro Stadium


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Belfast Celtic 3 Kearney Celtic 0 May 15th 1949

Dinner Dance at the Belfast United Club, NY  May 8th 1949

Parading before the National flag at the Triboro Stadium NY

May 8th 1949