Belfast Celtic 1891 - 1949

On Board the Mauretania


On the 2th of April 1949, the Belfast Celtic team set sail from Cobh, Co Cork for a six-week tour of North America. The team travelled on board the 35, 000-ton cruise liner the R.M.S Mauretania. 22-year old Éanna Fanning was on board to record these moments for history.

The players who travelled were: Tom "Bud" Aherne, Paddy Bonnar, Johnny Campbell, Charlie Currie, Johnny Denver, Joe Douglas, Tom Dorman, George Hazlett and Robin Lawler, Billy McMillen, Kevin McAlinden, Alex Moore, Jimmy Murdough, Mick O'Flanagan, Reggie Simpson and Harry Walker.

mauretaniapiccolorsingle.JPG (31946 byte)

Original illustration from the passenger list of the R.M.S Mauretania 

They were accompanied by Elisha Scott, trainer Paddy McGuigan, Chairman Austin Donnelly and Directors Dr. James Mc Sparran and Dr. E. McSorley, Ray McAlinden, Patsy Mc Alinden and Éanna Fanning.  Jimmy Jones, still recovering from the infamous Boxing Day attack, was unable to travel. A contingent of family, friends and supporters also travelled with the team.

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Paddy Bonner and Johnny Denvir


pmcgtxt.jpg (17066 byte)

Paddy McGuigan tries his hand at coits


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Harry Walker, Austin Donnelly (Chairman) and Robin Lawler


pbonntxt.jpg (26460 byte)

Paddy Bonner, Joe Murdough and George Hazlett


raymcccurrietxt.jpg (25484 byte)

Ray McAlinden, Charlie Currie and Belfast lad McMahon


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Paddy Bonner, John Denvir, George Hazlett and Harry Walker


reggietxt.jpg (32960 byte)

Reggie Simpson and Enda Fanning.

kevinmctxt.jpg (15134 byte)

Kevin McAlinden

georgehtxt.jpg (13492 byte)

 George Hazlett

jcampbelltxt.jpg (32126 byte)

Reggie Simpson, Johnny Campbell, John Denvir, Joe Murdough


charlietxt.jpg (32790 byte)

Charlie Currie,  Bud Aherne, Nick Cutillo (a young Italian boy heading for Canada) and George Hazlett


jdenvirtxt.jpg (21614 byte)

John Denvir, George Hazlett, Joe Murdough, Elisha Scott, Johnny Campbell