Belfast Celtic 1891 - 1949


A trip to Paradise



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"No reference to Celtic Park would be complete that did not give prominence to the decorative scheme that has been evolved during the past ten or twelve years.


First Match at Celtic Park Irish News Monday 15 March 1920

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In a walk round the enclosure it will be observed that the obverse side of the banking which supports the terraces at each end of the enclosure has been converted into a sort of hanging garden, in which flowers of many varieties blaze during spring and summer, and in the winter season a wide variety of tastefully arranged evergreen shrubs relieves the characteristic drab appearance of entrances and exits of most football grounds. Though everything is quite open to the public, and there is a total absence of appealing or warning notices, it is a remarkable fact that the plucking of flowers or interference with shrubs is a thing unheard of. Prophecies that they would be taken away as souvenirs of a football victory or destroyed as an expression of displeasure at defeat are happily unfulfilled.

The aim and endeavour of the Celtic management to make the surroundings more cheerful for the football and sporting public has been wonderfully appreciated, and the lead given in this respect may be followed with advantage by the other city and provincial clubs. The cost compared with the satisfaction it gives is really trifling."

Belfast Celtic F. C. - Souvenir and History 1891 1939  Published 1939. Publisher unknown. Author unknown.

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All that is left of

Celtic Park


"A conspicuous feature of the Celtic Directorate has always been to cater for all classes, rich and poor, and with that end in view a gigantic Carnival was carried out for the express purpose of erecting a covered stand for the unreserved side. As all lovers of football know the promise was kept, and to-day the finest unreserved covered stand in the kingdom now adorns the Willowbank side of the ground. It was completed this season 1926 - at a cost of almost 10,000 and accomodates 5,000 spectators comfortably, and from any part a grand uninterrupted view of the playing pitch can be seen.

The first cover was erected on the reserved side without seating accomodation in the year 1905. Reserved seating accomodation was provided in the year 1910."

History of Belfast Celtic Football Club Published 1929 by Dormann & Hodgett, Hope St., Belfast.