Belfast Celtic 1891 - 1949

Notice of Prospectus 


The Irish News 19th July 1901


Notice of Prospectus

 The Belfast Celtic Football & Athletic Company Ltd. 

Capital 3,000, divided into 3,000 shares of 1 each. 5/- per shore on application. 5/- per share on allotment. And the balonce as required in Calls not exceeding 5/- per share, at intervals of not less than three months.

The Company has been formed to acquire the Property, Goodwill,  and Interest of the Celtic Football and Athletic Club, Belfast, and to further develop and extend the objects of the club.

The Belfast Celtic Football Club existed as a Junior club for a period of five years and upwards, during which it enjoyed the reputation of being the most successful competing in the Junior League. As a Senior Club it has a very distinguished career, and it now has an eminent place in football circles. A suitable plot of ground, held in perpetuity, has been acquired. The ground adjoins the Falls Road, with which district the club has been and is still very closely associated, and is convenient and easy to approach from other parts of the city.

It is the purpose of the Company to provide the public with a first class fully equipped Football and Athletic Ground, having all suitable and necessary accessories, but it also intends to cater for games and sports other than football, and for which purpose the Company propose to lay down two tracks, one a Cinder Track, and the other a Cement Track for Cycling, which will be constructed after the best models in the kingdom. The proposed Cement Track will have three and a half laps to the mile, which is considered by cycling experts the most preferable.

Advantageous agreements for the ensuing season have been entered into with proficient football players, including several International players, and a highly successful season is anticipated.

Applications for shares may be made to the National Bank, Limited, Belfast.

Prospectuses and Forms of Application may be obtained at the Office of the Company's Solicitor, or from the National Bank, Limited, Belfast.

For particulars apply to P. S. Brady, Solicitor, 25 Chichester Street, Belfast.

19th July, 1901.